Can Blogs and Wikis Be Merged?

After reading Mike Caulfield’s blog post Can Blogs and Wikis Be Merged? and also reading what everyone has been saying about it, I’ve decided that I think yes, blogs and wikis can be merged.

Mike discusses the differences between blogs and wikis saying: “Wiki values are often polar opposites of blogging values.”


“Blogs value a separation of voices, the development of personalities, new posts over revision of old posts. They are read serially, and the larger meaning is created out of a narrative that expands and elaborates themes over time, becoming much more than the sum of its parts to the daily reader.”


“Personal voice is meant to be minimized. Voices are meant to be merged. Rather than serial presentation, wiki values treating pages as nodes that stand outside of any particular narrative, and attempt to be timeless rather than timebound reactions.”

Destiny in her post on the topic says: “They’re very much polar opposites and, while not impossible, I find it hard to imagine a good way for them to merge that doesn’t debunk the properties that make each of them unique.”

Emma in her post on the topic says: “It’s obvious that blogs and wikis are very different on the surface.”

Dominique in her comment says: “They have their own aspects, and that I think would best be left separate.”

Hannah in her comment says: “It’s weird to think of blogs and wikis being merged because they both have such different characteristics that make them unique.”

Literally everyone is using this example of different as a reason to believe blogs and wikis should not be merged. To me though, I think the fact that they are so different is why we should merge them.

When I say merge, keep in mind that I don’t mean get rid of blogs and wikis and replace them with this merged thing. What I mean is; I think there should be a third option somewhere in between blogs and wikis.

Isn’t it possible to have blogs and wikis still exist as they do, but also add in a third entity which would have some aspects from each?

I like middle-ground. It’s just a thought though.

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